Also known as a pill box, this stunning 18k gold plated locket necklace is both fashionable and functional. Of solid weight and construction, the gold jewelry panther-head poison necklace will be sure to make a statement. Trendy gold jewelry sold at other online jewelry stores pales in comparison to the unique jewelry design of this gold panther pill locket necklace.

Stash your goodies in this clever, sophisticated statement jewelry piece with a sturdy magnet closure that secures your treasure so it won't fall out! Discreet secret compartment gold locket necklace is a MUST HAVE for any jewelry lover. Blending wearable and functional art is part of Red Freckles trendsetting jewelry mission! Gold plated hand carved panther poison pill locket necklace. Gold brushed metal chain and ribbon tie closure for adjustable length between approx. 18 inches and 25 inches.

Available in Silver or Gold Finishes

Panther Pill Box Necklace

A Red Freckles Jewelry original, designer, hand carved gold plated panther poison locket necklace opens to reveal a hidden compartment where you can store whatever your heart desires!